Marc-André Hamelin

Marc-André Hamelin just performed back-to-back weeks with the Seattle Symphony and the Cleveland Orchestra.

Hamelin won the award for instrumentalist of the year (piano) for his album on Hyperion Records of late solo piano music by Ferrucio Busoni. The album demonstrates Hamelin's long-standing devotion to music by lesser-known composers, as well as his tendency to focus on extremely challenging works.

Latest Recording
Eight of Mozart’s divinely inspired Piano Sonatas here receive performances of mercurial inspiration from consummate-musician cum virtuoso-wizard Marc-André Hamelin. His four Haydn albums have enthralled—this new Mozart will not disappoint. Two Rondos, a Fantasia, and a decidedly quirky Gigue complete a delight of a double album.
CD 1
Piano Sonata in D major K576 [13'46]
Allegro [4'25]
Adagio [5'18]
Allegretto [4'03]
Piano Sonata in G major K283 [16'39]
Allegro [5'19]
Andante [5'14]
Presto [6'06]
Piano Sonata in F major K332 [18'38]
Allegro [6'24]
Adagio [5'52]
Allegro assai [6'22]
Piano Sonata in B flat major K570 [18'28]
Allegro [5'36]
Adagio [8'44]
Allegretto [4'08]
Rondo in D major K485 [5'56]
Gigue in G major K574 [1'25]
CD 2
Piano Sonata in C major K330 [19'27]
Allegro moderato [6'35]
Andante cantabile [7'37]
Allegretto [5'15]
Piano Sonata in B flat major K333 [20'10]
Allegro [7'06]
Andante cantabile [6'39]
Allegretto grazioso [6'25]
Piano Sonata in C major K545 [8'33]
Allegro [3'13]
Andante [3'45]
Rondo [1'35]
Piano Sonata in E flat major K282 [13'10]
Adagio [5'32]
Menuetto I & II [4'33]
Allegro [3'05]
Rondo in A minor K511 [11'11]
Fantasia in D minor K397 [6'58]...
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Monday - February 15, 2016
7:00 PM

Budapest Festival Orchestra

Washington DC USA
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Little Nocturne. Les Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad, Switzerland.