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Reger: Piano Music
Label: Hyperion
Released: January 1, 1999
Catalog Num: CDA66996

Variations and Fugue on a theme of Johann Sebastian Bach Op 81

No 1, Theme: Andante

No 2 Variation 1: L'istesso tempo

No 3 Variation 2: Sempre espress. ed assai legato

No 4 Variation 3: Grave assai

No 5 Variation 4: Vivace

No 6 Variation 5: Vivace

No 7 Variation 6: Allegro molto

No 8 Variation 7: Adagio

No 9 Variation 8: Vivace

No 10 Variation 9: Grave e sempre molto espressivo

No 11 Variation 10: Poco vivace

No 12 Variation 11: Allegro agitato

No 13 Variation 12: Andante sostenuto

No 14 Variation 13: Vivace

No 15 Variation 14: Con moto

No 16 Fugue: Sostenuto

Five Humoresques Op 20

Allegretto grazioso

Presto – Andante – Presto

Andantino grazioso

Prestissimo assai

Vivace assai

Variations and Fugue on a theme of Georg Philipp Telemann Op 134

No 1, Theme: Tempo di Minuetto

No 2 Variation 1: L'istesso tempo

No 3 Variation 2: L'istesso tempo

No 4 Variation 3: L'istesso tempo. Scherzando

No 5 Variation 4: L'istesso tempo

No 6 Variation 5: Non troppo vivace

No 7 Variation 6: Non troppo vivace

No 8 Variation 7: Quasi tempo primo

No 9 Variation 8: Tempo primo

No 10 Variation 9: Non troppo vivace

No 11 Variation 10: Quasi adagio

No 12 Variation 11: Quasi adagio

No 13 Variation 12: Poco vivace

No 14 Variation 13: Tempo primo

No 15 Variation 14: Meno vivace

No 16 Variation 15: Andante

No 17 Variation 16: Adagio

No 18 Variation 17: Poco andante

No 19 Variation 18: Tempo primo

No 20 Variation 19: Poco vivace

No 21 Variation 20: Poco vivace

No 22 Variation 21: Poco vivace

No 23 Variation 22: Vivace

No 24 Variation 23: Poco andante. Molto adagio

No 25 Fugue: Vivace con spirito

Reger's music is an amalgam of Bachian counterpoint and chromatic Romantic harmony—the result is writing of great density. This is particularly true of the 'Bach' Variations, Reger's piano masterpiece. Hamelin's superb virtuosity allows him to focus purely on the music, so keeping any sense of heaviness from infiltrating piano writing which, in other hands, can sound merely laboured.

The 'Telemann' Variations are much less chromatic, more decorative, and as a result are much closer to the Baroque concept of 'variation'. Their virtuosity is more obvious, with many opportunities for the soloist to display his fingerwork.

The Five Humoresques reveal Reger in lighter mode. Here the inspiration is surely from Brahms.

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