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Marc-André Hamelin in a state of jazz
Label: Hyperion
Released: April 8, 2008
Catalog Num: CDA67656

Play Piano Play Friedrich Gulda (1930-2000)

1 Exercise No 1: Moderato [1'45]

Sonata No 2 Op 54[21'39] Nikolai Kapustin (b1937)

2 Allegro molto [9'03]

3 Scherzo: Allegro assai [3'52]

4 Largo – Allegro [5'14]

5 Allegro vivace [3'30]

Play Piano Play Friedrich Gulda (1930-2000)

6 Exercise No 4: Allegro ma non troppo [3'58]

Sonate en état de jazz [19'15] Alexis Weissenberg (b1929)

7 Evocation d'un tango [4'51]

8 Réminiscence d'un charleston [3'02]

9 Reflets d'un blues [5'12]

10 Provocation de samba [6'10]

Play Piano Play Friedrich Gulda (1930-2000)

11 Exercise No 5: Moderato, poco mosso [2'20]

12 Prelude and Fugue [3'42] Friedrich Gulda (1930-2000)

13 Coin de rue [3'26] Charles Trenet (1913-2001), arr. Alexis Weissenberg (b. 1929)

14 Vous oubliez votre cheval [1'24] Charles Trenet (1913-2001) & Arcady Brachlianoff (1912-2001), arr. Alexis Weissenberg (b. 1929) English

15 En Avril, à Paris [3'23] Charles Trenet (1913-2001) & Walter Eiger (b. 1917), arr. Alexis Weissenberg (b1929)

16 Boum! [1'48] Charles Trenet (1913-2001), arr. Alexis Weissenberg (b. 1929)

17 Vous qui passez sans me voir [2'50] Johnny Hess (1915-1983) & Paul Misraki (1908-1998), arr. Alexis Weissenberg (b. 1929)

18 Ménilmontant [1'00] Charles Trenet (1913-2001), arr. Alexis Weissenberg (b. 1929)

19 Piano Sonata No 4 'Jazz Sonata' [1'30] George Antheil (1900-1959)


Marc-André Hamelin’s technical and interpretative brilliance over an extraordinarily wide range of repertoire has placed him firmly in the top rank of living pianists. His recent recordings of Alkan and Haydn were universally acclaimed in the highest terms. In this latest recording, Hyperion presents Marc-André Hamelin ‘in a state of jazz’, as he turns his attention to the music of Kapustin, Antheil, Gulda and Weissenberg—all composers who felt keenly that there was a fundamental desire on the part of the concert-going public to hear something different. This wonderful disc is full of surprises—as Hamelin writes in his entertaining yet scholarly liner notes, ‘There is no jazz in this recording. At least not in the traditional sense … there is much to be enjoyed here, and much to be amazed by’.

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