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Joseph Haydn | Piano Sonatas, Vol. 2
Label: Hyperion
Released: August 1, 2009
Catalog Num: CDA67710

Piano Sonata in E major Hob XVI:31 [12'20]

1 Moderato [6'54]

2 Allegretto [3'10]

3 Finale: Presto [2'16]

Piano Sonata in D major Hob XVI:42 [11'50]

4 Andante con espressione [9'04]

5 Vivace assai [2'46]

Piano Sonata in C major Hob XVI:35 [19'06]

6 Allegro con brio [7'48]

7 Adagio [7'11]

8 Finale: Allegro [4'07]

Piano Sonata in E minor Hob XVI:34 [13'08]

9 Presto [5'20]

10 Adagio [4'32]

11 Vivace molto, innocentemente [3'16]

Piano Sonata in A major Hob XVI:26 [11'51]

12 Allegro moderato [8'24]

13 Menuet al rovescio – Trio – Menuet da capo [2'42]

14 Finale: Presto [0'45]

15 Fantasia in C major 'Capriccio' Hob XVII:4 [5'40]

16 Andante and variations in F minor 'Sonata, Un piccolo divertimento' Hob XVII:6 [12'45]

Piano Sonata in E flat major Hob XVI:49 [20'21]

17 Allegro [6'51]

18 Adagio e cantabile [8'57]

19 Finale: Tempo di menuet [4'33]

Piano Sonata in D major Hob XVI:33 [17'24]

20 Allegro [7'51]

21 Adagio [5'12]

22 Tempo di menuet [4'21]

Piano Sonata in G major Hob XVI:39 [15'58]

23 Allegro con brio [4'11]

24 Adagio [7'17]

25 Prestissimo [4'30]

Piano Sonata in C major Hob XVI:48 [12'19]

26 Andante con espressione [8'34]

27 Rondo: Presto [3'45]


Marc-André Hamelin’s first set of Haydn Piano Sonatas was Hyperion’s best-selling release of 2007, and had the critics jostling to acclaim his performances in the highest terms, in particular his expression of the ‘physical exhilaration of Haydn’s playful inspiration in a way unmatched by any pianist past or present’. His second volume, released in a year where new Haydn recordings are prominent, should surely match the critical and commercial success of the first.

Some of Haydn’s most alluring and appealing keyboard works are recorded here. The surprising (to some) emotional range of the composer is fully evident in the extraordinarily sensitive and intimate Sonata in E flat major No 49, written for Maria Anna von Genzinger, and the profoundly felt Andante con variazioni in F minor, the composition of which coincided with her death.

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