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Mozart Piano Sonatas
Label: Hyperion
Released: July 1, 2015
Catalog Num: CDA68029

Eight of Mozart’s divinely inspired Piano Sonatas here receive performances of mercurial inspiration from consummate-musician cum virtuoso-wizard Marc-André Hamelin. His four Haydn albums have enthralled—this new Mozart will not disappoint. Two Rondos, a Fantasia, and a decidedly quirky Gigue complete a delight of a double album.

CD 1

Piano Sonata in D major K576 [13'46]

Allegro [4'25]

Adagio [5'18]

Allegretto [4'03]

Piano Sonata in G major K283 [16'39]

Allegro [5'19]

Andante [5'14]

Presto [6'06]

Piano Sonata in F major K332 [18'38]

Allegro [6'24]

Adagio [5'52]

Allegro assai [6'22]

Piano Sonata in B flat major K570 [18'28]

Allegro [5'36]

Adagio [8'44]

Allegretto [4'08]

Rondo in D major K485 [5'56]

Gigue in G major K574 [1'25]


CD 2

Piano Sonata in C major K330 [19'27]

Allegro moderato [6'35]

Andante cantabile [7'37]

Allegretto [5'15]

Piano Sonata in B flat major K333 [20'10]

Allegro [7'06]

Andante cantabile [6'39]

Allegretto grazioso [6'25]

Piano Sonata in C major K545 [8'33]

Allegro [3'13]

Andante [3'45]

Rondo [1'35]

Piano Sonata in E flat major K282 [13'10]

Adagio [5'32]

Menuetto I & II [4'33]

Allegro [3'05]

Rondo in A minor K511 [11'11]

Fantasia in D minor K397 [6'58]

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