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Marc-André Hamelin: Études
Label: Hyperion
Released: September 1, 2010
Catalog Num: CDA67789

12 Études in all the minor keys

Étude No 1 in A minor 'Triple Étude, after Chopin'
Étude No 2 in E minor 'Coma Berenices'
Étude No 3 in B minor 'after Paganini-Liszt'
Étude No 4 in C minor 'Étude à mouvement perpétuellement semblable, after Alkan'
Étude No 5 in G minor 'Toccata grottesca'
Étude No 6 in D minor 'Esercizio per pianoforte, Omaggio a Domenico Scarlatti'
Étude No 7 in E flat minor 'after Tchaikovsky, for the left hand alone'
Étude No 8 in B flat minor 'Erlkönig, after Goethe'
Étude No 9 in F minor 'after Rossini'
Étude No 10 in F sharp minor 'after Chopin'
Étude No 11 in C sharp minor 'Minuetto'
Étude No 12 in A flat minor 'Prelude and Fugue'

Little Nocturne

Con intimissimo sentimento

Ländler I
Album Leaf
Music Box
After Pergolesi
Berceuse, in tempore belli

Theme and Variations ‘Cathy’s Variations’

Theme: Con semplicità, eleganza e tenerezza
Variation 1: Più mosso, corrente
Variation 2: L'istesso tempo, ma cantabile
Variation 3: Molto più moderato, poco rubato
Variation 4: Poco animato ma cantabile e senza prestezza
Envoi: A capriccio

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